A Major Economic Driver

Orcutt Hill is one of the region’s most significant economic centers, generating jobs and substantial tax revenue. Pacific Coast Energy Company (PCEC) directly employs 52 people on Orcutt Hill, and works with more than 500 local contractors and vendors. 

In 2015, PCEC spent nearly $44 million on goods and services to support our operations. Nearly $5 million was directed to local contract labor and professional workers, including engineers, construction workers, environmental specialists and others. These workers come from a variety of the most respected businesses in the region, including C.D. Lyon Construction, Pacific Petroleum of California, SCS Tracer, Cannon Engineering, Ace Pump, California Well Service, and others. 

As a result of our success at Orcutt Hill, PCEC has become one of the largest taxpayers in Santa Barbara County, supporting vital services such as education, public safety and social services.