Dianna Beck
Environmental Monitor, SCS Engineers

Dianna Beck never expected to enjoy working at an oil field. An environmental management graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Dianna says she once thought the worst of the oil industry. But that all changed after she began working as a contractor at Orcutt Hill, tasked with helping PCEC ensure that protected plant species remain undisturbed and other environmental compliance measures.

“When I came to Orcutt Hill, I thought they would disagree with environmental laws and wouldn’t want my help,” she says. “But I was wrong.” On the contrary, workers welcome her work and the peace of mind she provides. Officials from Santa Barbara County also appreciate her help looking out for Orcutt Hill’s environment.

Dianna has worked on the site on behalf of Santa Maria-based SCS Engineers for more than a year, and considers it a far more positive experience than her earlier work with an environmental law firm. Partly as a result of her experience with PCEC, many of Dianna's classmates and family members have changed their opinion about the oil industry as well. “I wish more people could come here and see just how beautiful this place is,” she says.