Jeff Lyon
Project Superintendent, CD Lyon Construction

Jeff Lyon’s background as a civil engineer helps him bridge the gap between PCEC’s engineers and the 30-40 field workers he manages as a project superintendent. The son of the founder of locally-based C.D. Lyon Construction, Inc., a full-service general contractor, Jeff helps his team construct new facilities on the site on time and at budget. “PCEC is a good fit for C.D. Lyon,” he says. “The Orcutt Hill operation is a jewel, and we get tremendous support from PCEC and their team.”

The consistent work at Orcutt Hill has helped C.D. Lyon build a pool of local tradesmen and reversed the decline in the area’s skilled workforce. Only six years ago, the majority of C.D. Lyon’s workers came from Ventura and other counties. “Thanks to PCEC we’ve developed skilled workers right here, with 90 percent of our PCEC workforce from the Santa Maria Valley.”

Those job impacts have benefits far beyond Orcutt Hill, Jeff says. Residents who once worked at local supermarkets, restaurants, and coffee shops are now aspiring to be welders and operators or learning other trades. “These are workers who care about their job and providing a better life for their kids,” he says.

On top of the workforce benefits, Jeff also sees clear environmental benefits of PCEC’s careful stewardship. “If every barrel of oil in the world could be produced the way it is on Orcutt Hill, we would have a healthier planet.”