Joe Podsednik
Control Room Operator, PCEC

Joe Podsednik first visited Orcutt Hill as a young boy, when his father worked at the site when it was owned by Unocal. Joe never forgot those trips, and today Orcutt Hill is where he works as well, helping to run PCEC’s sophisticated operation control room. “I fell in love with the whole industry,” he says. “I’d like to work here until I’m an old man.”

Joe and his colleagues help ensure the safe and efficient operation of Orcutt Hill’s steaming operation by manning the control room, a 21st-century nerve center that relies on the latest technology to provide 24/7 monitoring of tanks, wells, pipes and other components.

Joe says he faced a steep learning curve when he first took the job in 2008, but now feels completely at ease with the responsibility of his high-tech office. Podsednik worked in construction before joining PCEC, but he far prefers his current job. “I didn’t have benefits before, and the pay was a lot lower,” he says. “I’ve learned a lot of new skills at PCEC. This company really takes care of you.”