Juan Roca
Project Engineer, PCEC

When Juan Roca discusses his work environment at Orcutt Hill, he describes a pristine setting and a top-notch workforce. “The location is beautiful, and the people on the hill are professional and proud of their work,” he says. “It really shows.”

A civil engineering graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Juan joined Pacific Coast Energy Company (PCEC) in 2011 and is here to stay, he says – proud to work for a company that cares about its people and its community. During these challenging economic times, Juan says the operation at Orcutt Hill is especially valuable to the Santa Maria Valley. “We hire a lot of local people, and that has a real impact around here.”

Despite its economic importance, Juan says he’s impressed by the site’s minimal environmental impact – and the fact that many people don’t even know the operation exists. “We take great care to make sure we’re working responsibly and showing extreme sensitivity toward our environment. Visitors often comment on how well we’ve preserved the land,” he says, adding: “Since the day I first stepped foot up here, I’ve thought it was paradise!”