Supporting Trails
& Open Space

Pacific Coast Energy Company is a strong supporter of the public open space and trail systems in the area. Due to ongoing operations, safety precautions and state regulations, hiking or biking on Orcutt Hill itself is not allowed. However, we’ve supported  Santa Maria Valley Open Space in its effort to develop a 300-acre open public space and trail system nearby. We have donated money for signage for the new Rice Ranch trailheads as well as a trailhead map, and hosted the popular Trailpaloosa on our Newlove Picnic Grounds.

In recognition of their support for the cause, Santa Maria Valley Open Space granted a lifetime membership to Dick Hart, our Vice President of Operations, and expressed special thanks to John Fox, our Environmental, Health and Safety Field Analyst. To quote from the organization: “They and Pacific Coast Energy are true friends of Santa Maria Valley Open Space and are a shining example of a corporation that lends itself to a sustainable economy upon which this valley was built on and depends, with shared values for conserving natural open spaces and trails for the community to enjoy.”